About Us | NRG

No Rep Gear Ltd (NRG) is a UK based sports clothing company basing 100% of its operation online. NRG aims to deliver a limited edition brand supplying sports apparel for both men and women predominantly within the UK.

The company is founded by individuals (read more about us on our 'The Team' page) who each have a passion for fitness and building a brand that means something which can be shared. The premise of No Rep Gear is knowing that in fitness (and in life), you can’t perform at your peak every time. However, everyone has the option to turn up and give it their best or to not try at all. This MINDSET choice of turning up is what has brought us together to come up with a brand that embodies this notion of relentless effort and grit.

The slogan; No Rep, No Problem, signifies the common CrossFit phrase of being given a No Rep. This two word phrase became the inspiration of the brand and hence has been included within the company name.

With the inception of the company, its main goal is to offer a brand that signifies this MINDSET where people can relate with their own experiences. NRG will bring to market limited edition branded clothing and accessory items to the CrossFit, gym and fitness community, sharing the company’s message and passion for strength in MINDSET.

 ‘We can’t be at our best every day but we can choose to give our best every day.

Our mind-set is our greatest strength, what’s yours?
No Rep, No Problem!